My passion for videography came while helping a friend to launch his new videography business in 1991. We built it up and did weddings all through the ’90’s and beyond. Having a business degree, I was able to run the paperwork side of things and let the creativity flow by helping to make new video ideas. I love seeing a bride’s face, capturing tears of joy, and little unexpected things that get missed so easily because there is so much going on during a wedding. When we get home, we archive the video and then start editing so you get all of the best parts of the wedding in a snapshot. Sometimes, the emotion is overwhelming and you will see I will shed a tear right along with everyone else. You cannot video weddings without emotion. Each wedding is unique, like each bride and should be treated as such. Having state of the art digital equipment, I can creative as many or as little special effects as you want. When you look back at the video, you can really appreciate seeing the details, and all of the special people in your lives. It creates a lasting memory that you can enjoy for years to come. Since I was 5 years old, I have had a keen sense of each individual’s emotions and I created last memories on film. Now I capture emotion and memories on video. That’s what I am all about. Creating memories that will make you smile, warm your heart, maybe have you shed a tear, and bring back your special day.