I began my photographic career at an early age of 15 photographing the people and scenery of Port Chester, NY. It was back in the mid 70s that I covered my first wedding. During the seventies, I developed my passion for photography and decided to attend College and get a degree in the field. After completing art and communication courses, I graduated in 1983 with a Fine Arts and Communications degree from the University of Miami. While living in Miami, I exhibited my work at various galleries and performed freelance work for the Miami Herald. In 1992, I became part of a five man team working as an associate cinematographer and photographer for MOONDRAGON PRODUCTIONS. It was there that I spent time in the amazon jungle of Peru producing a documentary of the "Orellana" native people and their culture. In 1996, I moved to Rochester, NH inspired by the beauty I found after spending time on vacation in NH. You can find me in the NHAA, and PPA (clicking on PPA will take you to my page on the PPA site. In 2000, I opened "Robert Ortiz Photography"I currently reside with my wife, 9 year daughter photo assistant, and company mascot 5 year old son. -Robert Ortiz